About the Chamber

The Sumter County Alabama Chamber of Commerce was established in 2008 to serve as a strong, unified voice for our business community.


  • To improve the economic vitality and enhance the quality of life in the region.
  • To create a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of business people and a concern for their problems.
  • To educate the business community and represent them in city, county, state and national legislative and political affairs.
  • To prevent or address controversies which are detrimental to expansion and growth of business and the community if they arise.
  • To promote economic programs of civic, social and cultural nature which are designed to increase the functional and aesthetic values of the community.
  • Your Chamber’s GoalsChamber Goals


Without a Chamber…

  • there would be no one to answer inquiries about your business in-person, by phone, letter, or email.
  • there would be no business development efforts to assist new entrepreneurial businesses from inception to viability.
  • there would be no organization to offer low cost advertising service to your business.
  • there would be no networking opportunities to increase business contacts for your community.
  • there would be no community retail promotion efforts that fill our government coffers with tax dollars.
  • there would be no statistical data to assist commercial and retail businesses locate in your community.
  • there would be no leadership development programs to create the next generation of community leaders.
  • there would be limited to no tourist promotion to bring visitors, vacationers, and tourists to your community.
  • there is no legislative voice to organize meetings with local, county, state, and federal government groups, to the business community could be heard.
  • there would be no organization to assist businesses with ribbon cuttings, open houses, grand openings, and groundbreaking ceremonies to celebrate your success.
  • there would be no mixers, Business After Hours, luncheons, or any number of opportunities to increase business contacts for the business community.
  • there would be no organization to monitor legislation in all areas that affect the business community.