Buy Local: Supporting Small Businesses

“Buy Local Buy Sumter” originated as the focus of the City of Livingston, with the help of the Sumter County AL Chamber of Commerce and the University of West Alabama to spur the local economy. It has been recently been adopted by the Chamber of Commerce to include all of Sumter County.

The objective of this campaign is to try to get the citizens of Sumter County to shop locally first, both in retail and service industries.

Livingston Mayor Tom Tartt said, “most local residents do not realize the value of shopping at home first. Some 80 percent of local employees are employed by local merchants and $.68 of every dollar is re-circulated in the community. If everyone in this community and this county looked to their local merchants first, before they drove out of town [to shop] for what ever it is, you’d be surprised [to see how] much better your services and your overall community could be helped just by giving them a chance.”

Also visit A word on Buying Local, which includes a testimony from Chamber Member Eddie Davis, president of York Drug and The Drug Store.

Click here to view photos from our Buy Local Kickoff Event held of March 5, 2010, in downtown Livingston.

Quick Facts About Buying Local:

1.) Many of [Sumter County’s] local businesses donate dollars, time, and other resources to our local government, schools, churches, and non-profit agencies which receive an average 350% more support from local business then from non-local business.

2.) Buying local instead of online or outside the county ensures that sales taxes are reinvested locally.

3.) Customer service is better in local businesses because they are owned by people who know our community, are less likely to leave it, and are more invested in our success.

4.) Local businesses are the largest employer nationally, and create more high-paying jobs in our community.

5.) Locally owned, independent businesses account for an estimated 80% of all employment, are the innovators and creators of the next generation of products, pay taxes, and contribute significantly to their communities.

6.) For every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $68.00 stays in our community.

7.) Supporting local independent businesses is in the best interest of the Sumter County residents and the community, because they are part of the traditions and heritage of the County, and are critical to maintaining a socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable local economy for its citizens.

8.) Sumter County’s entrepreneurial ventures are engines for job growth, and the foundation of a strong, diversified and sustainable economy.

9.) Shopping closer to home and buying local products conserves energy and resources in the form of fuel and packaging.

10.) Entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of low wages jobs and into the middle class.


Supporting our local small businesses:

Austins Steakhouse

Coffee Shop on Monroe

Diamond Jims

Dogwood Florist, Gifts & Clothier

Farm & Builders Supply

it’s all in the past antiques

Kutn’ Up Designs

Livingston Auto Parts

Sumter Supply

The Drug Store

The Studio/SH Designs Art Studio

Treasures Boutique & Consignment

York Drug Store


***For more information on the Buy Local campaign or to see how you can become a part, please contact the Chamber office.***