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The University of West Alabama, “There’s Something About This Place”

The University of West Alabama is a state-supported, coeducational institution of higher learning governed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor. As a regional institution, the University’s foremost commitment is to meeting the educational needs of the State and particularly of the West Alabama area. Valuing a diverse student population, it also welcomes students from throughout the United States and from other countries.

UWA Mission/Vision:

The primary purpose of the University is to provide opportunities for students to pursue associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degrees in liberal arts, natural sciences and mathematics, pre-professional programs, nursing, technology, business, and education. Additionally, the University will assist its students in developing the important qualities of independent thinking and respect for the ideas of others and in building firm foundations of personal integrity and character in order to realize their quests for a philosophy of life and for self-fulfillment. Importance is placed on providing opportunities within the curricula for the development of enhanced skills in critical thinking, communication, leadership, and computer literacy.

The University also seeks to provide students opportunities for growth beyond the classroom through a wide range of extracurricular activities, programs, and services and through the maintenance of an environment of cultural and intellectual diversity and through the encouragement of the free exchange of ideas among faculty, administration, and students.

At the University of West Alabama, the emphasis is upon the traditional learner, but the institution is also committed to the concept of lifelong learning and to serving non-traditional students. These include workers in area schools, businesses and industries, governmental agencies, and professional workers. In serving these diverse publics, the institution employs not only traditional means of delivery, but it also seeks to expand its use of innovative technologies, including distance learning, on-line programs, and networking with other educational institutions and agencies in order to more comprehensively address the needs of its region.

The University seeks to employ a vibrant, talented, and diverse faculty whose members are committed to providing leadership and fostering positive growth throughout West Alabama through research and public service, with primary emphasis on that which meets the educational, social, cultural, and economic needs of the region. In the recruitment and retention of this faculty, as with all members of the University community, the institution, consistent with its academic heritage, maintains an openness to all qualified persons.

UWA Division of Education Outreach:

One University of West Alabama Department, the Division of Educational Outreach, is actively seeking to meet the social and cultural needs of the Alabama Black Belt region.

UWA’s Center of the Study of the Black Belt has taken on numerous successful initiatives with the inspiration and guidance from Dr. Tina Jones, Dean of the Division of Educational Outreach. One such initiative is the Alabama Black Belt Heritage Area. The Black Belt Heritage Area reaches across 19 counties in Alabama‟s Black Belt region and was established to bring economic development to these coun-ties. It was also designed to promote tourism within the area; to enhance, preserve, and interpret the Area‟s unique cultural, historical, and natural resources; and to educate local residents and visitors about the importance of the Black Belt region.

Through the Division of Educational Outreach, the Center offers numerous workshops and continuing education courses. Over the past few years they have offered such courses as Fused Glass Jewelry, a very popular one, Monday Mosaics, a Genealogy Workshop, the Sucarnochee Revue, and a Hood Rug Workshop. And their calendar for the summer and fall of this year is filled with more Monday Mosaics and Fused Glass Jewelry classes and the Sucarnochee BBQ and Blues.

To learn about the Center‟s other initiatives and for additional information regarding the Black Belt Heritage Area, please visit their websites at or

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